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Night Life

Fancy a quiet night in with a cup of hot chocolate and the Antiques Roadshow on the telly…I think not! 

Find out the latest places to see and more importantly, the latest places to be seen with our Whats on Nightlife guide. The 24 hour party people are staging a reunion (new licensing laws may mean England could soon join the rest of the world with civilised drinking hours) so let the DJ spin the tracks and the JD spin your mind.

We have put together a selective list of all the best venues in Weston, Bristol & Bath to make sure we point your dancing shoes in the right direction. You’ll find your favourite DJ’s and bands, full gig listings, and have the inside track on any offers the top joints have on the go.

Check out the clubs with the hottest resident mixers, those who regularly have special club nights and guest appearances, or those who keep it loud and late for the techno crowd. If you prefer a night with the blues or want to jazz things up a bit there will be listings ideal for you too. There are even a few venues willing to make stars of you for the night if karaoke is your thang!

Time to put the life back in your nights and the slippers back under the bed, so, pile on the slap, throw on the best clobber, leave a bloody mary by the bedside, and don’t spare the Armani…

...well, I might pull one day!