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Stag & Hen Days

The end of the world is nigh and the final battle lost; from hence forth the oceans will appear as desert, the land as dirt and never again shall mankind have independent use of thine remote control, nor womankind a dish that is cleaneth.

That’s right folks, not Armageddon, but something far more serious; you’re about to get married!!!! And, rather than talk you out of it, we’ve taken the optimistic approach and are determined to help you make it the happiest experience of your life... hopeless romantics that we are!

Naturally, no wedding would be complete without the pre-debacle that will hereafter be known as the Stag or Hen party. The Southwest has become something of a Mecca for happy couples and assorted friends to celebrate the forthcoming nuptials and at What’s on we have put together all of the best and latest information available, including special deals and nights out.Whether it’s first time round the block or all aboard the merry-go-round again, we aim to make it a trip to remember.

Get out the gladrags, prepare for one final fling as a singleton and stick the telephone number of a good 24-hour locksmith in your handbag or wallet. There are loads of great venues to choose from, plenty of great ideas to get things kick-started and any amount of top pubs, clubs and hotels that will give the happy couple a send-off they deserve.

You never know, this might be the only time you ever get to do this...