Zeera Indian Restaurant Review

Upon arrival, we were welcomed with an irresistible aroma and the sounds of traditional yet modern Indian music that gently infused the atmosphere. The restaurant’s attention to detail is evident from the outset, with an exquisite chutney tray and the crispiest of papadums setting the tone for a memorable dining experience.

Zeera’s extensive menu is a culinary journey, offering a wide variety of dishes that cater to diverse palates. Starters like the scallops dynamite and crab cutlets, and mains such as the lamb shank and sunset salmon, showcase the restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence and innovation.

For starters, we opted for the spiced crusted king prawn and the chicken padis, both of which left a lasting impression. The prawns were melt-in-the-mouth perfection, while the chicken padis offered lightly spiced chicken enveloped in puri. Each starter was served with a fresh, crisp salad with delightful extras like pomegranate seeds and sauces that included green herb and tamarind. We couldn’t wait for mains; the high standard had been set.

The exceptional service from Rubel and his team added an extra layer of delight to our dining experience. The team’s knowledgeable and friendly approach guided us to make choices of dishes we had never tried before. The recommended devil’s tamarind, a jaggery tamarind sauce with a dynamic sweet and sour flavor, and the mocha chicken, featuring succulent medium-spiced chicken with a mild sweet creamy coconut sauce, further exemplified Zeera’s dedication to offering unique and tantalizing dishes exclusively found at the restaurant.

For an unforgettable dining experience that seamlessly combines tradition and innovation, Zeera Indian restaurant stands as a beacon of culinary excellence. Whether you seek an intimate dinner for two or a gathering for a celebration, Zeera’s inviting atmosphere and exceptional cuisine offer a symphony of flavors that will leave a lasting impression. It’s a must try and Weston should be proud to be home so such a lovely restaurant. Try it for yourself and make sure you tell them Whats on Bristol sent you.

38-40 Orchard Street, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1RH


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